Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Projects for Tiny People

Being that there haven't been a lot of babies in my family for quite some time (except Gavin, who gets a hat or two every year from me) I haven't every worked on booties or bonnets.  Booties kind of scared me with their tinyness and shaping.  Most of the patterns I've seen lately are for Mary Jane type booties or lacy frilly things.  Finding a pattern for a simple bootie was one of the harder scavenger hunts I've been on.

Finally at JoAnn I picked up a pamphlet, Leisure Arts #3162, "My Very First Layette".  I used the pattern  for the Blue set up until the cuff where I simply put a scallop edge after the eyelet row.  It simplified the pattern even further and they came out super cute.  The cuff can be turned down as well.  I used a crochet chain for a tie instead of the ribbon that was suggested.  In my experience, ribbons tend to untie much to easily.


Doing a quick pattern search on Ravelry for a bonnet I came across the Abigail Bonnet (Ravelry link).  The construction is fairly simple, but the pattern isn't all that clear.  In fact, I think the stitch counts given at the end of some of the rows/rounds were incorrect.  Thankfully I'm confident enough in my abilities to just plow ahead and work it out as I go along.  The Abigail bonnet was quick knit, about an hour.  Once again I used a crochet chain for the tie.


Now I have to get cracking on the blanket that I was making.  Given that it's still summertime, and the blanket is going to be thick, soft, and warm, I think that it will become a Christmas gift.  That gives me time to try to get back to my dad's socks.  I've been trying to make him socks for years, but I have a hard time even finishing one for some reason.  It may be that I'm selfish and I like to keep handmade socks for myself.  Also, my Celtic Icon needs to be worked on as well.  It would be nice to have that for October.  I'm going to be spending a lot more time at the rink with my youngest daughter, so I supposed I should dig in and make a real effort to get through my UFO's which are too numerous to count.  Or I could cast on for a hat, or mittens, or a pair of socks for the new baby and her big brother....

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